• OCservant_Leader

    The circle-jerk does demonstrate the chaos they created. (On a side note the BH Chief of Operations responsible for this diagram just got a promotion to head up the DAs Administration)

    Their MHSA PR guy is an EA so he knows how it’s done.

    Who is going to create the excel spreadsheet and explain the funny numbers?

    Come on…how much money goes to Management, how much to staff, how much to lease the buildings from the Public Work’s Managers, how many people are served, how long is the wait list, what are the outcomes, how many EAs were hired??

    How many wrongful death lawsuits?

  • David Zenger

    This is just embarrassing. Do is directing the public’s attention to the HCA’s annual budget round up draft documents. So what?

    Where’s the accomplishment? Do wants credit for “disclosing” public documents? Weak.

  • Mai-Phuong Nguyen

    Good to see strides are being made towards ‘transparency.’ Let’s wait and see if the implementation and actualization of this plan comes to fruition.