• BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    People are not involved, or do not bother, because for far too long it did not matter what they voiced. It is going to take time to change that mindset. The word was out. I saw it in many venues and many ways, and yo, I was at several of the aforementioned meetings just to see different perspectives.

    I will say this to the two nonprofit entities that sued the city of Garden Grove: Why were you, LULAC and MALDEF, not actively engaging the community you say you serve? I would have expected that your groups, of all people, would be announcing every meeting in your social media, sending out emails, talking to the press in the same way you did in Anaheim during the KKK incident, in order to engage the community you claim to so profoundly care about. Maybe some of that settlement money should have been used for that very purpose, to engage, the community that you took liberty to represent in a lawsuit against your city when state law was already going to make it happen anyhow. Your lawsuit engaged me. No jalon de greñas aqui. Andale!