• BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Ah yes, Measure M. Where we funded liquidambars along the freeway, a river, wet soil loving tree, only to see them all die in droves. Our cents, for nothing.nada.nein.

    Or that horrific bridge, on the 22 freeway, east of Harbor Blvd that replaced an easy least over one that was used, used being the key word here, used for decades. The bridge that the first round of Measure M monies funded has lots of nooks and crannies for homeless, for drug sales. What a costly disaster. And did I mention the old bridge having no place to tag and this new one having lots of concrete canvas space that is used by taggers daily. But the emp!oyees cleaning it up weekly say it is “job security” for them since there is always something to do. Gross misuse of Measure M. Not right that the neighborhoods on both sides have to endure the grief this Measure M disaster has put us through. And it is not used by the school children like it should be so the parents drive their kids to school rather than subject them to harm. More cars. More fat kids, not walking to school. A travesty of our Measure M funds. Just sick.

    And now we get another round, of stick it to us? Bleh.

  • David Zenger

    Boon. Doggle.

    And:”and connect to a new multimodal transit hub at Harbor Boulevard and Westminster Avenue in Garden Grove.”

    Hooray! Another ARTIC. Just what we need. Now watch the campaign coffers fill up.