• OCservant_Leader

    And this provider paid how much in campaign donations to the BOS?

    • Jacki Livingston

      This one is a piker, compared to the giant company that has 18 nursing homes. Residential care is small potatoes, though I did see many of them with multiple billing numbers in the CalWin system. The big dogs who do this the worst have multiple facilities in OC and LA counties. They had patients with bedsores six inches wide, patients who were forced to eat rotten and vermin infested food, untrained and illegal employees who hit, sexually assaulted and even dropped on elderly woman on her head, on a concrete floor. They embezzled their patient trust accounts, including their burial funds. They double and triple billed the state, and the Public Guardian, in partnership with SSA officials, used their infirmary to steal their homes and businesses. The attorney for this big nursing home chain is a major mover and shaker for the GOP party in this County, and he and his wife donated tens of thousands of dollars to Moorlach, Nguyen and Spitzer campaigns. The nursing home “employees” donated money that was totally out of line with their incomes. By my documents and estimates, the candidates made a fortune from the substandard and horrific conditions that hundreds of helpless citizens were forced to live in. I have taken evidence of this to the BoS, to the District Attorney , the Grand Jury and…donchaknow, to VoC. It is all proven, on paper, not just by me, but by the courts. I promise, you will never hear anything about it, because they will never allow anyone to see it. It is a disgrace, but what is worse, is that this corruption and apathy is spread throughout the system, not just political, but journalism and federal watchdogs. It is a disgrace.