• UnitedWeStand

    “CEO compensation these days is roughly $7,000 an hour (that is, assuming a 40-hour workweek). In fact, CEO-to-average worker pay has increased by a factor of 15 from the 1960s ratio of 20 to 1 to the present whopping 300 to 1.. But in some companies it is astronomical. At Chipotle the ratio is 1,522 to 1.. Yes, you read it right. That is not a typo. In some firms, the CEO makes nearly 2,000 times as much as the average worker. At Walmart the ratio is 1,133. Do these CEOs deserve their millions? Not by a long shot. Take the CEO of Coca Cola company. He still pockets $25 million. His rival, the CEO of Pepsico writes a check to himself for $22 million. A pittance to the coolies hurts the economy, supposedly, but the millions to their bosses are quite all right. All you need to do is to channel some of the exorbitant CEO salaries toward the common worker.”

    Author of this statement, John Komlos, is a professor emeritus of economics and of economic history at the University of Munich, and the author of the new textbook, “What Every Economics Student Needs to Know and Doesn’t Get in the Usual Principles Text.” He’s also taught at Harvard, Duke and the University of Vienna.