• Sharon Logan

    In an effort to acknowledge ongoing criticisms from animal advocates, Supervisor Todd Spitzer said the county has “obviously gone through some difficult times [and] rightfully so” when it comes to animal services. But he said officials are making improvements and showing they’re “deeply committed” to dogs, cats and other animals.

    Back-to-back grand jury reports last year harshly criticized the county animal shelter’s management, saying the shelter is in a state of “utter disrepair,” with health of animals and people alike put at risk.

    The situation was so bad, grand jurors wrote, that the county should consider replacing the leadership of the animal services agency and the county’s community resources department, which oversees it.

  • Gino Gochicoa

    You can/will ONLY be a “leader in animal care” when you STOP killing animals for convenience. A state of the art facility will not stop management from their less than ethical business practices. However the Board of Supervisors can. IF they are truly committed to animal welfare.

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      Yes! No kill! Do no harm! Care means care!

  • Saskia Boisot

    Here’s hearing from the public: Stop killing animals when there are all those empty kennels, and maybe then we’ll start believing changes are in the works…pretty simple.