• LFOldTimer

    The people who run the OC animal services are total buffoons – to include the Supervisors. Just look at their track record. No wonder cities are fleeing. What city in its right mind would pay premium prices for a rotten product? Garden Grove was smart. So was Stanton. They got out before the costs are racheted up. Keep in mind this is a 10-year contract. So once you sign – you are captive – regardless of what the county charges in future years. How many of you would sign a 10-year contract with no idea what that contract would cost you in future years and with no written guarantees of decent services or competent care? Fing insane.

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      Yes, well said.
      My city, GG, despite its many annoyances, did right by leaving, after all. I did argue the fact that we have always found millions for hotels, for cushy employment deals, for close to 200 nepotism hires, for acquiring land …

      But I am indeed truly haunted by the betrayal of being told they had 90% adoption rate, several times even, by field staff – wonder what happened to those strays we called in, sigh, guilt – and to find out that they killed so many innocent lives in reality. My friends in Los Angeles told me they were high kill way back in 2011, so I kept asking and I was lied to. Haunted.

      Karma payment is many fold the harm that has been done. Losing this much cash, and hard to get back trust, is really the only justice those that were executed, for wrong reasons, have. So be it.

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    OCAC should have committed to no kill long ago. Weighing heavily is not just more money for the facility, but that cities paid more each year only to, for animal lovers, find out that so many were executed. Killed, because through no fault of their own, ended up at “animal care” facility. Animal care means animal care, not animal care only when it’s easy, convenient. To kill puppies and kittens, when they could be doing free spay and neuter for any and all OC residents, and averting such sadness, such blatant ruthlessness. Education outreach on care to neighborhoods that may need it, free spay and neutering for any and all – better use of our taxes than euthanasia – and no kill, period. Maybe then, cities would have done the necessary to stay. Maybe.

    All animal lives matter. Just saying.

  • Bob and Barb

    With 4 cities gone OCAC numbers are down nearly 17%. This means that the remaining cities will have to pick up the slack, which will be more than 17% since there are fixed costs which cannot be reduced.