• Bob and Barb

    The bottom line is that City Council members like Voigts, Hamilton, and Robinson and Supervisors like Bartlett and Spitzer need to be voted out of office.

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Coalition of all cities involved is in order.

    If animals do not get “care” when they come in, then contracting cities need to demand free spay and neuter for all residents from cities participating. Cheaper than executing thousands of puppies and kittens because they were born and they are an inconvenience to County workers. And puppy mills are criticized? Same difference black kettle. Both, rotten wrong.

    Taxpayers trusted care was given to all needy animals. Many of us had no idea it was animal Auschwitz over there. We trusted. We were, actually I was, once told by field person that they had 90% adoption and only killed the very old or very sick. Lie!

    Killing adoptable pets just because of no room, or vacationing staff, or nothing else to do is evil wicked and was never the deal taxpayers signed up for.

    ALL cities involved must unite!

    Do not accept, and then pay a premium, for animals to be killed so that Baker Commodities in Vernon can cook them in the render vats and resell them as meat byproducts to dog food companies. Was the shelter making more revenue, by selling carcasses, than by adopting out living beings? Anyone on staff with ties to Baker?

    Questions? So many questions. Which is what happens when trust is betrayed.

    • cherie

      Well said and so heartbreaking. The fact that Hamilton, Robinson and Voigts voted for OCAC shows they completely lack humanity, integrity, any respect for life, any respect for residents and are cold hearted politicans only interested in their careers and $$$s.