• LFOldTimer

    No wonder California public schools rank close to the bottom academically in the country. How could a kid who wants to learn have a chance at achieving a solid education when surrounded by chaos and disruption that can’t be eliminated?

    But the school receives the same amount of money for the daily attendance of a disruptive kid as it does for a motivated kid who wants to learn. So disruption and chaos win in the end.

    Let’s face it. It’s got nothing to do with quality of education. It’s all about the money.

    Go look at the test scores.

  • When are stats going to stop using skin colors to define certain groups of people? If you must, then be consistent and call Asians-yellow and Latinos-brown. Sick of the colored ignorant stereotypes!

  • Rivett

    If we stop arresting people for robbery, did crime go down? If you stop calling robbery a crime, then I guess so. Maybe we can redefine away murder next, think of the savings.

    Everyone keeps talking about how minorities(?) are disproportionately punished, but is bad behavior over represented among minority students? Yes, for all of the reasons documented ad nauseum about a correlation between poverty and school behavior. The Emperor has no clothes.

  • MC

    Willful defiance when translated into the work force world, means insubordination. Teaching kids that there are no consequences for being willfully defiant is a bad precedent to set.