• Rivett

    So pleased with this victory, I was almost certain this would end badly. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. Congratulations and thanks to Ms. Ohlund, EOCWD staff, everyone who supported this effort, LAFCO commissioners, and special thanks to Supervisor Spitzer who has done so much good for unincorporated North Tustin in recent times.

  • Roger Butow

    Hey Carl? No offense, with all due respect, but tracking this issue online I think a REALLY REALLY BIG SHOUT OUT should go to EOCWD General manager Lisa Ohlund.

    Unlike 99% of public officials seeking ink, notoriety, fame and glory, headlines with obvious future career choices in mind as they test the wind with their fingers wet from donation (or graft) coffers, apparently Ms. Ohlund comported herself with quite dignity and perseverance, kept a low profile.

    Like an iceberg, only 1/7 visible above the surface, my guess is that this courageous woman was working the other 6/7 of this issue pretty much 24/7, very intensely in the months ramping up to this confrontation.

    I was told by an attendee that one particular IRWD elected Board member was thoroughly chastised by Spitzer, called out by name. I’ll be curious to see if any of the media or Op-Ed commentators name that person. He has, according to my sources, undermined his own water district for years and years.

    Also, the expansionist, hegemony aspect of IRWD was openly denigrated, perhaps now the public knows how they earned the nickname IMPERIAL ROMAN WATER DISTRICT…..the chickens finally came home to roost, instant karma, reaping what they’ve sown, I’m sure that under Ms. Ohlund’s guidance the residents served by EOCWD will eventually come to realize the wisdom of their support in an even greater way.

    Seems like she’s earned the title GENERAL, so pin a water war campaign ribbon on her, give her some kudos, a salute and a metaphorical hug, a successful woman in basically a man’s world: She was a rock star, deserves her own curtain call!