• Roger Butow

    I’m not sure if the Sewer Spill Overflow (SSO) issue has found any traction or resonance with LAFCO, or the opponents/proponents of IRWD.
    As an analyst, my thinking is this:

    Response time is critical. Does IRWD have the proven, guaranteed ability to contain/capture SSOs “in toto,” in another region, where they probably can’t/don’t have emergency vacuum trucks (infrastructure) available in proximity to keep the human waste contaminants from hitting the storm drain system (MS4)?

    Once in that system, the nearest watercourse must be closed for recreational use…including all of the way down the line, into the receiving waters, aka Point of Discharge (POD).

    This is why an SSO in say Laguna Niguel closes Aliso Creek County Beach for 3 days while OC Enviro Health takes samples for public safety.

    This helps explain why this is not just a water district issue/battle/confrontation but a general, regional health and safety conundrum: IRWD might take an additional 15 minutes (or more) to respond, clean up, therefore needlessly jeopardizing the residents AND habitat/environs.