• OCservant_Leader

    OC County Government is all about Corruption. The elites in power are in control in an organized crime structure and ONLY act on issues that benefit –themselves.

    They make fake campaign promises with no follow up and no action because they are lining their own pockets.

    The homeless encampment in front of their offices is a visible sign of the RICO crimes. Folks…they don’t care. They control the votes and have robbed the treasury.

    The only thing Nelson accomplished was his “pension grab” stunt.

    Until grassroots voting unseats the organized crime family…conditions will only get worse.

  • Ed Romero

    The City of Santa Ana is not responsible for the Homeless Problems at the Civic Center. These individuals are responsible for themselves but refuse to do so. I passed through the Civil Center last night about 7pm, the smell of Urine was over-powering. It’s scary down there in the day time, at night it’s really like some Palestina Refuse Camp. The County opened the former OCTA Bus Terminal and the vast majority of the Homeless refused that service “because they didn’t want to follow the rules”. So you see the County is trying to help them but they would rather sleep in the bitter cold or rain.

    • Maybe if the county hadn’t tried to treat them all like criminals by searching them and their belongings before allowing them in, more of the homeless might have tried to come in. It was a great show making it look like they were reaching out, all the while holding a club behind their backs. Not that Santa Ana City Council has acted much bettermwith their NIMBY attitude. What the city and county could do is stop grandstanding and roll a couple of mobile shower/laundry units out there a few times a week like some other cities have done.

    • Judy Allen

      AND…. where do you expect them to pee? What is a Palestina Refuse Camp? Does a Palestina Refuse Camp have functioning toilets or urinals? AND where is your humanity?

  • Judy Allen

    A SHAMBLES for our homeless population AND the PRESENCE of the slaughterers/murderers/ killers at the OC animal “shelter” and NOT addressing the unlawful fireworks THIS year. Do any members of the BoS care about any lives except their own? Are their egos and lack of humanity so big and narcissistic that they have no respect for life and limb? Seeing how they care for themselves and not we taxpayers is making me vomit every time I read anything about them!

    • David Zenger

      ARTIC is certainly symbolic of a corrupt, morally bankrupt County leadership. And sadly (but predictably) nobody is in jail. $200,000,000 down the toilet and nobody has the courage to say so.

      It’s not just dysfunction. It’s deliberate, calculated corruption.

    • Nice try at hijacking a thread. Blame Anaheim for your train station to nowhere.

      • David Zenger

        No, no, no.

        That pile of crap was constructed by the measure M renewal crowd, led by PringleCorp and his bought-and-paid-for minions on the OCTA board. Anaheim (and by this I mean those of us who actually live here) are the VICTIMS. We are on the hook for the 4 million bucks a year maintenance costs.

        Judy is right. Five County supervisors sit on the OCTA board. None of them did a damn thing to stop ARTIC.

        • You are right, David, in that it was the OCTA (led by the Gang of Five) that forced the Armadillo. But, did Anaheim City Council really hold to any opposition?

          • David Zenger

            ARTIC has many parents chief among them Pringle and Honest Bill Campbell who was the front man at the County, I suspect.

            You are right in that the Anaheim Council not only provided no opposition, they put up several million for land acquisition, as I recall.

            At the time the Anaheim council was completely under the sway of their mayor-for-hire who was busily planting seeds that he could harvest when out of office. It was all based on the chimera of high speed rail, and the now mythical first (and completely unnecessary leg) from Union Station to the Armadillo.

            In 2010 it became apparent that ARTIC was on the wrong side of the 57 freeway and didn’t meet the specific criteria that was written in Program T of Measure M that had been (too) carefully crafted just for an Anaheim location. No matter. The OCTA board, large and small fry alike, just ignored the language voted on by the people of Orange County. There were far too many kleptobucks at stake.

      • Judy Allen

        RETHINK your comment Jeff…. read below!

        • I don’t need to rethink anything. You tried to hijack a thread for PETA. Enough said.

          • Judy Allen

            WOW, you can read my mind…. sorry, you’re wrong again…. I am NOT a fan of PETA!

          • Get a grip. You’re taking things too literally (and too seriously).

  • David Zenger

    “It’s just a shambles over there. It really is something that none of us can be proud of,”

    Actually, it’s just a shambles on both sides of Ross Street, Vince, but good try.

    • Kathleen Tahilramani

      Nicely said ….