• LFOldTimer

    I agree that the ICE contracts are a money making scam for the local jails – to include the jails operated by OCSD.

    But I don’t understand the logic that jailing foreigners for jailable offenses is immoral?

    In California the state legislators passed the Trust Act – which forbids the locals from transferring illegal foreigners over to the Feds for deportation unless the illegal has committed a serious violent felony. So apparently illegal foreigners in California who commit misdemeanors or non-violent felonies are released back into our neighborhoods after they complete their jail sentences for said offenses. I suspect most Californians oppose such a policy. It defies common sense.

    As an American go commit a crime in Mexico and after you do your jail time ask the mexican judge to allow you to stay in his country. ha.

    I assume these ICE holds have committed serious crimes if they are in the process of being deported by the Feds, particularly in the State of California in light of the Trust Act.

    If you know something different, please inform.

  • RyanCantor

    You’d think that getting this resolved in a timely fashion would be a precondition of any bonus the City Manager might receive– it being seriously important to the city’s future.

    . . . or not.

  • David Zenger

    How about using it as a permanent homeless shelter? The County can pay the bond debt and hand it over to Mercy House.