• John Claxton

    His name is Denis Billsomedough! Worst offender in County history. Nelson is his current enabler and accomplice. The system is very broken. His children will be reading his stories of grand theft as he hopefully rots in a prison cell some day. I’m optimistic!

  • Josh McIntosh

    Well I have never seen some of them (Nguyen and Brandman) even make a comment, ask a question or do anything to earn their place at the table. No participation at all. This leads me to assume their only reason for being there is to make a yes vote for Poseidon.

    • Rivett

      Well, that and the $250.

  • Antonella Moreno

    Look even farther…The ex CM of Brea was recently under investigation for payments he received from water companies. The DA decided it was better handled by the FPPC instead of the courts. Funny how when they catch them, they release them!!!

  • Nrgmavn

    It isn’t a monthly stipend. It is a per meeting stipend. $250 per meeting with a limit of 10 per month (one stipend per day and a loose definition of “meeting”). Most meetings last less than an hour. Jan Flory tried to get the board to consolidate meetings but that would mean a pay cut so the majority voted that down. The savings would have covered the cost of video streaming meetings (as little as $12,000/year), another item that Jan Flory put forward. But the majority piled on with a heap of arrogant reasons opposing it, like “no one would watch.” Yep, voters get exactly what they deserve at every level of government.

    • RyanCantor

      Well, good for Jan Flory for attempting to get the people’s business done.

    • David Zenger

      Yeah, per meeting. And you can bet the farm they get paid whether they sit through the whole thing or not.

      • occynic

        Bilodeau had a major problem with that a few years ago when it looked like he was getting paid for meetings he didn’t attend…..showing up for 5 minutes won’t get you in the minutes.

  • David Zenger

    Yep. All pretty sad. And mostly allegedly “conservative” Republicans.

    Bilodeau was also getting stipends from the Sanitation District and the Vector Control Board and who knows what all else.

    • occynic

      For his last few years in office he was the only member of the Orange City Council getting paid.