• Steve Jonester

    No one is ever happy. Ever. Perfect example right here. What does Tony Bushala think of all this? He can usually buy off the whole city in one swoop.

  • David Zenger

    Would that be the same Joe Florentine who ran an nonpermitted dance club and who built an bar addition out onto a public sidewalk without permission?

    And Jeremy Popov, who has brazenly flouted Fullerton’s noise ordinance for years?

    Looks like some folks really dig the lawlessness of the downtown open air saloon. Sharing downtown means every councilmember has an interest in the campaign contributions and none will ever be answerable to the people who live in and around downtown.

    • Rivett

      Oh yeah, the last thing the downtown clowns want is for residents to “understand” how their business works. If they did, they’d understand that they’ve been subsidizing downtown to the tune of seven figures a year, and that this ‘hub of the city’ is a net loss for everyone except the business owners themselves. In almost every situation imaginable, Jeremy Popoff’s best option is to STFU.

      • David Zenger

        Yep. Somebody finally figured out at the eleventh hour that if you split up the mess no one will ever represent it directly. Laissez les bon temps roulez pour les 909ers. Every night is Mardi Gras. The Hub of Fullerton!

        I have to wonder what the Grace Churches angle is on this. This is a political realm and they don’t belong in it.