• David Zenger

    Really, the solution is simple. Get a real accountant to produce an objective financial statement for the jail. Easy. Then you’ll have your answer without any of this voodoo “cost avoidance” BS from people who want to come up with any remotely plausible tale to keep the thing open.

  • LFOldTimer

    The math and assumptions are subject to question. I would like to read a rebuttal from pro-jail side (with their data) before agreeing that shutting down the SA city jail would be a financial net gain for the city. It may very well be accurate. But I need both sides of the story to be sure.

    My questions:

    (1) On an average day how many inmates are housed at the SA city jail? Both Non-ICE and ICE inmates?
    (2) I understand most guards at the SA city jail are lower-paid civilians as opposed to the sworn county guards.
    (3) What is the average compensation of a SA city civilian guard as compared to a sworn county guard?
    (4) The county is willing to book SA city inmates for free? On the county’s dime? Really? Why?
    (5) What would the county charge Santa Ana to house an inmate normally housed at their city jail?
    (6) Crime is on the upswing. If we return to the 1990’s aren’t we back to where we started?
    (7) What does it matter if the ICE holds are housed at SA city jail or a few blocks away?
    (8) Is the primary complaint that Latinos shouldn’t be jailed in a Latino majority community? Really?
    (9) If the problem is ICE why not protest Obama and the Federal government who run the program?
    (10) What is the other argument? That illegal foreigners who commit felonies shouldn’t be deported?
    (11) Do Mexico or Canada allow illegal foreigners convicted of felonies to stay in their countries?
    (12) Do any 1st world nations allow illegal foreigners convicted of felonies to stay in their countries?

    I’m just trying to better understand this controversial topic.

  • InTheKnow

    Why must the author denigrate an otherwise well written and well thought out article on the costs of the jail by giving credence to the arguments of a radical fringe? Government is supposed to work for the good of all the people, not just those who show up at meetings with bandanas on their faces and who shout the loudest. As we all know, the immigration holds are only being placed on those in the country illegally who have committed serious crimes. Is the radical argument that jails should not be located in the areas where the local residents who commit crimes would be held? So there should be no jails in Detroit because the jails may house African Americans who live there and commit a crime? Or no jails in Salt Lake City, Utah because those jails may house numerous Caucasians who live there and commit a crime? To argue that a jail should not be located in a majority Latino area because it may house Latinos who commit crimes is an unsupportable position. Unfortunately, that is just the type of argument that will sway the current Santa Ana city council.