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  • Ltpar

    Adam, instead of rehashing old untrue dirt, why don’t you question your BFF Jeff Lalloway about his going to the head of Kia Corporation after being elected telling him “There is a New Sheriff in Town” and asking for Shea’s consulting job? Also why don’ you investigate Lalloway approaching several developers prior to his 2014 reelection campaign, hustling them for a $200,000 job with the quid pro quo that he wouldn’t run for reelection. While I am not an expert on such legal matters, I have a strong hunch that what Lalloway did is illegal. Your continuing to support the “bully boy” diminishes any measure of credibility you may have had in the past. Hate to tell you, but you are on the wrong bus.

  • CalAlum99

    Perhaps Krom, Shea, and all of them are corrupt. From Kia to The Great Farce, these people need to get the boot.

  • @Dan Chmielewski

    There is no coordination between me or the blog i run with Council Member Jeff Lalloway. That’s a fantasy on the part of Ms Shea If she wants to advance this notion, she should produce proof.

    • Ltpar

      Keep telling yourself that Dan and perhaps one day you might even believe it. Guess it was the “Green Arrow” who leaked all that City e-mail and other information that got you started on your vendetta against Shea. Lalloway has ranted and raved in public about how he was gong to destroy Christina Shea’s political career. He is using you as a shill to attempt that. Since you have already seen the City Attorney opinion that Lalloway was trying to get released, you know it states that Shea did nothing wrong and there was no conflict of interest. Eventually the FPPC report will state the same conclusion. What dead horse are you going to beat then? If you wanted a good story, you would do better investigating Jeff Lalloway rather than Christina Shea. Despite your and Lalloway’s efforts, Shea is running for reelection and being as popular as she is will win easily.

      • @Dan Chmielewski

        I haven’t seen the city attorney’s report.
        Ms. Shea is doing a good job of ruining her political career without my help (Five Points always gets preference over residents)
        My sources are confidential.
        You have no idea who “Green Arrow” is….

  • Steve Jonester

    and you wonder why nothing gets done in Irvine. They spend all of their time fighting.

    • Kathleen Tahilramani

      No kidding! Wow this is nasty. I live in Irvine and this is embarassing. Another day in Paradox.

      • Philmore

        “Another day in Paradox.” ROTFLMAO ! Great turn of phrase!