• Mike

    Were you even a resident at the time of the map compilation? Also you are making it sound like you made the map it was. You even graciously name it the “Kim Nguyen Map”. Not much for public service…more like taking credit for other people’s fight and shameless self-promoting.

  • Paul Lucas

    Ms Nguyen did you coordinate with lou correa or any surrogates of his on your map? If so how much and in what capacity was correa and or his surrogates involved?

    • Silence Dogood

      She doesn’t owe an explanation to an Orange resident who is also a convicted Meth Dealer. Excuse me, former convicted Meth dealer, thank you stupid Prop 47 voters.

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      A political power play you say?
      Say it isn’t so!
      A new kind of bulldozer as venganza por Bulldozer? No me digas!
      Land Grabs R Us!