• UnitedWeStand

    Satirist P. J. O’Rourke once observed, “Republicans are the Party that says government doesn’t work, and then they get elected and prove it.” One fine example, is Orange county’s hero, Ronald Reagan. More than a third of a century ago, Ronald Reagan led America down a costly and unnecessary path into extreme income and wealth inequality with the 1986 tax Reform Act.
    The biggest multinational corporations do not pay corporate income taxes.

    What could the government do with all the cash that’s currently stuffed in corporate mattresses abroad? The tax dollars could be used to fix our infrastructure, which would make businesses more efficient, prevent tragic deaths, and create thousands of jobs.
    The unfortunate truth is that all politicians lie so I don’t care what Trump says!!! Its what the Republican Party has done………………and here in Orange County they built a statue of Ronald Reagan, figuratively and literally.

  • Paul Lucas

    Im more concerned with Trumps supporters. Their acceptance of his circus act is truly disturbing.

    • Cynthia Ward

      As a Republican I agree with you, Paul. Trump is not what my party is supposed to represent. But please keep in mind that many Trump supporters did not start out as Pubs. They are DTS or disillusioned Dems who jumped for the Republican party in order to support Trump. When he first began, I was horrified, and genuinely believed that rather than spend campaign money trying to convince thinking Americans that his brand of bigotry was acceptable he instead had hired extras for non-speaking crowd spots to fill his rallies, (it HAS to be cheaper to hire someone to cheer for you than to hammer enough ad campaign to convince intelligent humans to show up and cheer for that insanity) but the group-think has kicked in, and now ordinary citizens are backing Trump out of fear of Hillary. So when we assign blame for Donald Trump, look to the parties whose members jumped to register as Pubs for Trump, and then look at the party pushing a woman who is so bad that Trump looks like a reasonable alternative. And yes, my GOP has to take the blame for betraying the voters for so many years of promising “reform” and then offering only the same Crony Capitalism, and pushed middle America into the arms of someone claiming to “understand” them.

      In short, the nation is about to go through a very, very ugly time no matter how the election plays out. It will be up to every thinking American who can see through the thuggery and herd mentality to stand firm and not give in to the insanity. Even in Hitler’s Germany there were good people who chose to do the right thing, at great cost to themselves, and often at the ultimate price. In America, we read about our Founding Fathers and wonder at the level of integrity it took to stand in the face of Britain’s power and say, “No more.” Does America STILL boast of citizens of that caliber? We will find out soon, because we will need each and every one of us in the months to come. Hold on tight, a storm is brewing, and it is headed out way no matter which party takes the White House. May God have mercy on us, we are about to pay BIG for our decades of complacency.

      • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

        Brilliantly said.