Briceño: Dark Robed Justices Robbed Justice for Four Million People

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The Supreme Court Supreme Court ruling on the Obama Administration’s immigration executive actions that would have expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and created Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) is a setback for the hopes of more than four million people.

True to the adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, the four dark robed Supreme Court “judges” of our nation robbed justice from more than four million people in our country.

I allege that the Supreme Court judges robbed justice from the people they ought to defend because I do believe that the courts should decide cases with the spirit of justice and not merely by the letter of the law.

Another way to make a distinction between laws and justice is to say that laws are important for an orderly society but justice is critical for a societal well-being. Laws are meant to regulate the conduct of a human society while justice is supposed to render to people what they deserve. And, we cannot barter justice for public order else I fear we will lose them both.

I believe that the four million people deserve justice and not a denial of it despite of their unduly long wait. They work hard, pay taxes and are not only critical to the economic engine of our nation but are essential to further enrich the ever-changing social mosaic of our nation.

The immigrant community will continue to lift our voices and push for the over 11 million people to have a pathway to Citizenship.

History will not be kind in its memory of today’s Supreme Court ruling, a travesty of justice rooted in the same racism and classism that has always informed the most shameful rulings of the highest court in our land. The Supreme Court’s nine words verdict; “the judgment is affirmed by an equally divided Court,” should be read as; “we are equally united to divide four million families.”

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  • Jacki Livingston

    You are well aware that those four million people are committing a felony just by being here, right? We are a sovereign nation, and we have a duty and right to regulate immigration. These hard working people rarely pay taxes, because they drop three or four kids, and get the earned income credit. They get food stamps and MediCal, and their offspring crowd our classrooms to the breaking point. If I were to illegally go to Mexico, I doubt if they would provide me with free medical care, food stamps, rent assistance, cash aid and education for my kids. The bottom line is that citizens of Central and South America, but especially Mexico, are taking advantage of their geographical good fortune, and they are coming here knowing full well that they are breaking the law. They prevent law abiding people around the world coming here. There is a way to become a citizen of this nation. It’s real simple, so follow along…you fill out the paperwork, you wait your turn and you OBEY THE LAW OF THE LAND! Oh, and you might want to not have more kids than you can support, pay for your own medical care, stop bilking the taxpayers and learn to speak the national language. I am sick and tired of being turned down for jobs because I don’t speak Spanish, all because millions of people are too lazy, too self absorbed and too freaking speshul to just learn the language of this nation. Is that so hard?

    Oh, and for your information, I am a former caseworker for the County, a registered Democrat and a dyed in the wool liberal. Even we are sick of this nonsense. GO HOME! Then apply and come back legally.

    • Shakeel Syed

      Soon our nation stops disobeying the laws of other lands and refrain from raping their lands, we may, may have some moral standing to tell others what we do not, rather never, practice. By the way, your shining credentials are impressive!

      • Jacki Livingston

        Yes, because we are the very first country to take from others. I do agree that we have much to answer for and we are arrogant. But we also have a right and a duty to maintain our borders and know who is entering, and we have the right to enforce our laws. These people are not stupid, they know it is illegal. They don’t care. This disrespect is maddening to me, because it is kind of like cheating on your wife on your wedding night. If you started with a crime, how can you ever have any kind of right to complain?

      • Jacki Livingston

        And, your last line may be sarcasm, but it doesn’t play. I have worked for many years and fought for civil rights. I don’t believe anyone should be mistreated or paid slave wages. I have earned my place, and I lost my career by fighting for the lives and rights of patients on life support who were being robbed, raped and killed. So chill. No illegal alien to this country gets a pity party because they get sent home. There is a legal path to coming here. They have to obey the law. Otherwise, why are they coming? It amazes me that people who have no respect for the laws or customs or language of this country think that they are speshul snowflakes who should get a free pass to illegally come here and take our finite resources. They don’t learn English, they don’t try to assimilate, they fly a Mexican flag…why did they bother to come here? My ancestors came from other countries. They learned English, served in the military and salute the flag of the country that they asked to join. Why should anyone come here if they don’t want to be an American? Go home!

  • Shakeel Syed

    David: I join you in appreciating the author’s brilliance in her literary link of “robery & robbery.” But I also applaud the author’s subtle distinction between “laws & justice.” Obama’s frail attempt was in the context of justice. Congress’s callous silence was within the law. Conscientious people like you, David, should “think” and not ought to “talk” per spin doctors’ ‘taking points.” Their medicine is long expired, my brother!

    • David Zenger

      I always think for myself, my brother!

      Laws are specific, “justice” is an abstraction. The former are meant to encourage the latter; but the latter is always open to subjective interpretation by some, sometimes even most common people. That’s why we judges, and in the case of the appeals courts, an odd number.

      • Shakeel Syed

        You are indeed entitled to think of your-self but know that thinking of only self is less than an appropriate baseline for a human being. Rise up my brother, like Jesus did. Injustice, I may say is more specific than laws & the laws, i believe, are distracting us to be simply just!

        • David Zenger

          Jesus didn’t “rise up,” my brother. He rendered to Ceasar the things that were Ceasar’s.

  • Shakeel Syed

    John: Did we ever reflect on the possible reasons of why & how millions of people came to the United States. Could it be because our country exploited and depleted their nation’s natural resources without any or least benefit to them? Or could it be because the border security was asked to pretend-sleep so that “millions” could come in to be indentured by the agro-lords? crying wolf now is no no music to any ear? Not only we owe a debt of gratitude to the hard working millions who pay taxes, build families and serve communities but we also owe them an apology for plundering their native lands. Come on John, be a sport, brother!

    • Jacki Livingston

      They don’t pay taxes. Let’s not romanticize here. You want to know how many illegals tax returns I have had to read? Yeah, no. They drop a few kids (on our dime) and then the Earned Income Credit gives them an annual windfall. They don’t just get back what they paid in, but even more. They create their own little communities, overcrowd our schools and drain our finite resources. Sport time is over. Time to get real. We cannot afford this.

      • Shakeel Syed

        There are many who reject your absurd “we” and “they” semantics. get a grip pal. it’s “us” …get it!

        • Jacki Livingston

          No, “pal”, it is not “us”. When I refer to criminals, whether they are Charlie Manson or anyone else, I don’t say us. They are violating the sovereign laws of my country. They want special treatment. No, it is not us. They are BREAKING THE LAW. What part of that is confusing for you?

  • David Zenger

    Nobody robbed anybody of anything, let alone justice. The for “dark robed justices” (P.S. the other four wore dark robes, too) found a different conclusion to a point of law than their colleagues in a lower court case. It was a narrow point that Obama forced the Court to review instead of waiting for the decision in the lower court.

    I do like the literary link between robbery and robery.

  • John Claxton

    “I allege that the Supreme Court judges robbed justice from the people they ought to defend…”

    Really? Because I thought the Supreme Court of the United States is supposed to defend the United States citizens – not the rights of those that came here illegally. Illegals knew when they crossed the boarder it wa illegal. They knew it was wrong when they gave birth to children here in the US that they were still here illegally. Now they scream that it’s unjust that the parents who came here illegally might be sent home (to Mexico) until they can file the proper documents and come back legally – the process that they should have followed when they came here 20-30 years ago.

    We live in a great country. There is room for all of us. I just hate that people are up I arms about all these people who broke the law, came here illegally, want a get out of jail free card and believe they should be entitled to all the benefits of a US citizen because they have been here a long time or that they they gave birth to children here. It’s just not right.