• Jacki Livingston

    There are multiple issues here. One is drugs, which is probably being made and sold by people in the neighborhood. There are homeless committing crimes. There are homeless who need help, food and a place to sleep, who WANT to have a better life. Dumping it all together fails to solve anything. But I do know one thing…your park is a part of your home. Get together with your neighbors and take it back. How long do you think drug dealers and gang bangers will hang out there if they knew neighbor patrols would be photographing them? Not long. They will move on. Insofar as the homeless? Surely someone in the neighborhood knows of services. Print some flyers. My family and I carry hygiene bags and clean clothing/blankets/sleeping bags in our trunk. Help your brothers and sisters. If someone come late at night, lays down on a blanket and sleeps, then leaves in the morning, don’t hassle them. Hassle the trouble makers. I have never in my life regretted helping a homeless person in need. I have, however, regretted assuming that appearance equals goodness, and that poverty should be punished. If you work together, to take your park back, and to help your fellow man, you will find a sense of community that will keep your neighborhood safer, cleaner and better for your kids. But, please, teach those kids compassion…show them a better way than sneering at the poor. I doubt if anyone on the Board of Supervisors could survive a week being homeless, on the street. In fact, I challenge them. Live one week on the street, like the homeless veterans who wrote us a blank check and we paid back with indifference. Walk in their tattered and sweat filled shoes. No money. No credit cards. Live like they have to, for one week, and see what it takes to survive. You do that…I might believe you guys can actually find solutions.