• Jacki Livingston

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  • Jacki Livingston

    As salacious as this telenovela nonsense is, it is nothing next to SSA. I remember the high ranking manager who was sleeping around on his wife, and she caught him in the parking lot at lunch, on the receiving end of a particular act, and she divorced him. He has risen through the ranks, she is trapped at the same old job. He married the subordinate who was polishing his…ummm…apple, and she rose to the top. Now, he is out and about cheating on her. Employees call him ‘Don Juan DiLardo’ and female employees know that the tighter the pencil skirt and higher the heels, the faster she will be promoted.


    What’s the big issue, Michelle has a thick big dona. It’s not like these woman are saints. It’s a cesspool of puros calientes maranas, y maranos.

  • InTheKnow

    If City Attorney Carvalho uses the same law firm and attorney for all of her supposedly independent investigations just how “independent” can they be? If one attorney frequently obtains income from one source that attorney will want to keep pleasing that source so as to not deter future income. There goes the impartial investigation. Why doesn’t Carvalho’s office do the investigation? Can’t investigate her buddy Michelle?

  • RyanCantor

    Pay raises, bonuses, unsubstantiated accusations of sexual harassment . . . boinking subordinates . . . all on the taxpayer dime.

    Great freaking job, Santa Ana. Simply unbelieveable.

    • David Zenger

      Yikes. This guy saw Santa Ana coming, and how! Unfortunately there is way too much of this mindset in the ranks of city managers.