• OCservant_Leader

    Abuse of Power. Wow. This City Manager “dating” his employee is really, really bad. This is why he was censored by his professional organization.

    Best case scenario this creates a hostile work environment due to this abuse of power- worst case scenario (and most likely) this woman will file a sexual harassment suit (and win) against the City when he dumps her. He used his power to seduce her. It’s called rape.

    This guy is loaded and still couldn’t find not one person to date outside of his organization he leads?

    He has hot pants and clearly extremely poor judgement. I’m sure this is violation of his employment contract. City of Santa Ana- cut your losses and fire this guy!

  • tinroof

    I think its a bit weird that an outside group that has no supervisory role is censuring this guy.

  • RyanCantor

    “Only Councilwoman Michele Martinez joined him as a dissenting vote after the relationship was disclosed to give Cavazos a $17,000 performance bonus, on top of being one of the best compensated city managers in the state.”

    Stupid is as stupid does.