• Jacki Livingston

    The separation of church and state is a foundational column in the structure of our nation. Mater Dei was founded and has been successful for a long time, based on their philosophy of separation from public schools. Now they want help. No…I am sorry, but you cannot have it both ways. You cannot keep the church out of our government, and government out of church, without a strict adherence to this mandate. The wisdom of the Founding Fathers was never more on point than it was in this area, and history bears witness to that foresight.

    I am disturbed by the increasing presence of religion in our public life, not just government, but schools. Mega Churches, which have nothing to do with faith and everything to do with worship of capitalism, have pastors who endorse candidates and even campaign for them. This cannot continue. I love the new Pope, but even he recognizes that there is a whackadoodle fringe fanatic element of Christianity (they call it that, I doubt if Christ would agree), and they are behind this Tea Party/TurnipTrump/BuildWalls nonsense that has quite literally destroyed the credibility of the entire Republican Party. In their need to appease these nutters, politicians are losing their statesmanship. Case in point, look at Reagan, Bush Sr, Colin Powell, Bob Dole and others who have a dignity. All stayed clear of the fanatical hate fringe.

    I believe, strongly, that if the parochial schools want to start getting grants from the taxpayers, they should be subject to the same rules as public ones. If the churches want to play politics, then they should pay the price of admission, just like the rest of us…that’s right…TAX THEM. The taxes from these monstrosity mega temples and the Catholic Church alone would pay off the deficit. Tax the suckers. They cannot have it both ways.

  • Ed Romero

    I don’t live in the City of Santa Ana but I do shop there, so my Tax Dollars should not be wasted on any Catholic School because their Cardinals, Bishops and Priest have cost the Catholic Church over 5 BILLION DOLLARS in Court Settlements. If the City of Santa Ana wants to help them, buy them ZIPPERS for their pants with a LOCK. Any excess funds the City of Santa Ana has should go to the General Public, repairing it’s streets in it’s lower income areas, upgrading it’s Public Parks and after School Assistance to help the Public Schools with it’s very high drop out rate.

  • T-bird

    it would be “in the spirit of” the previous development agreement. The purpose of a development agreement is to get all the points of a deal down on paper and signed by the parties, so no one is forced to later guess what is in its “spirit”. Today on election day, I recall that my Irish immigrant grandfather voted against all Irish candidates, reasoning that all politicians are crooks and the Irish at least had the Catholic Church to teach them better, so an Irish politician must be doubly crooked.

  • Mike Tardif

    VOC Sub-header: “Tuesday, the Santa Ana City Council is scheduled to decide whether to give the private Catholic high school $2.5 million from the city’s general fund or reserves to pay for a parking garage”

    To be accurate – there is a third option being presented to the Council and that is to not make this payment at all. The school has made their case for this request – and has stated that if the answer is no they are fine with that.

  • tmare1

    As a person who almost daily must pay a meter to pick up or volunteer at my child’s public school all while traversing heavily beat up streets and sidewalks for the privilege, I respectfully and loudly disagree with this appropriation of public funds. Fix the sidewalks, fix the roads and stop charging people money to pick up their children from school and maybe we can talk about giving money to a private institution.

  • Paul Lucas

    Is Santa Ana trying top reimburse MD for the sexual predator lawsuits that cost them millions?