• Diego Vega

    If politicians don’t give law enforcement a blank check, then law enforcement labels them “soft on crime”. That’s political death regardless of party affiliation. And law enforcement knows it.

  • Paul Felton

    OpenGov is a cloud based platform that a handful of government entities in OC are using to be both transparent with their constituents around their budget, and they also use it as an internal operational reporting tool across their organization. You no longer have to try to decipher a 200-300 page budget book in PDF format or fumble around in Excel spreadsheets. This sounds like a step in the right direction for community finance education…

    • Robert Goldberg

      We have had it in my small town for about a year. If you know nothing about budgets, the numbers look interesting. However, they are no substitute for learning the nuances of budgeting in your town, or reading the annual budget document. They will not reveal wasteful spending, The software will cost you though. At least $11,000 for the first year and then $9000 a year thereafter. That is a lot compared to our slim operating surplus (which you will not find in opengov). Personally think it’s a waste of money, and serves more as propaganda than anything else.

  • kburgoyne

    Need to ponder what it would take to put presentations like this online after the fact. A partial starter is to put any slide deck that was used online, but that often doesn’t work without the person’s presentation to go with it. Having been a college instructor it’s a terribly bad idea to release the slide deck without the author of the deck providing the “what I meant by that” commentary.

  • momamazed

    Will there be another opportunity to get this training? Thanks!

    • Yes. Stay tuned!

      • Meg McCarthy Waters

        The video should be up in a day or two. Follow us on the Orange County Auditor-Controller’s Facebook page or our website, ac.ocgov.com It will be posted under events. I agree, the PowerPoint loses a lot without Norberto and Eric’s brilliant repartee 😉