• Cynthia Ward

    Citizens of Anaheim just won this. 3-2 Mayor Tait, Council members Vanderbilt and Brandman in favor of banning new STRs and amortizing out existing ones over no more than 18 months to permit recouping losses (apparently the only way to get out of a show of “harm” by the STR owners that could land the whole mess in court and hold up phase out even longer.) Yep, Murray and Kring voted against the best interests of their own constituents (shocker) and we can kiss Lucille Kring goodbye, as there is not enough campaign cash on earth to save her sorry bacon when the hardest hit neighborhoods are in HER District. Mayor Tait has won 2 in one week, First the Streetcar now STRs. Let’s keep the momentum up through July 12 and drop kick the hotel subsidies too. Plus his City of Kindness has been picked up nationwide through the Conference of Mayors. Yes, sometimes the good guys come out ahead.

    • Ada Briceno

      Well said!