• falcondraco

    Have fun w/ her, ACLU. She’s a horrible person. But you’ll figure that out, soon enough.

  • 1MrPeanut2

    This is the same lovely and talented Sylvia Torres Guillen ignored the physical assault of a female Farmworker on 2 different occasions by UFW goons, and plugged her ears as racist slurs were hurled at Gerawan Farmworkers by the UFW. In fact, Torres Guillen covered it up. This is the same Torres Guillen that had a website dedicated to her;


    The website was constructed by former and current ALRB employees who were shocked at the extreme bias with which Torres Guillen operated, favoring the corrupt UFW, and denying justice for Farmworkers, who demonstrated by the thousands that they wanted to be heard. When one of the legal cases (to force an unwanted union contract on the Farmworkers) was brought before Superior Court in Fresno, Torres Guillen was chastised by the judge Hamilton for acting “In Cahoots” with the UFW.

    Guillen stripped California Farmworkers of their vote, their voice and their legal and civil Rights. Jim Crow treatment of Farmworkers is now routine at California’s ALRB, started by Torres Guillen and her hand picked team of UFW cronies.

    Imagine the ACLU, which lauds itself as a champion of worker’s Rights, hiring a radical who bullied, threatened, intimidated, investigated and insulted Farmworkers in an effort to silence their opposition to the ALRB & UFW’s scheme to force an arbitrary union contract on them, without their ability to negotiate or vote on said contract, and then confiscated the voted ballots of Farmworkers – litigating for their destruction without honoring the result of the election.

    It says a lot about the ACLU today…

    Guillen is a perfect choice for the marxist ACLU, which has no interest in improving or bettering American education. Their goal is to undermine the U.S. Constitution at every turn, and turn the USA into a marxist nation. Guillen has proven herself worthy and earned her place in the darkened halls of the ACLU.

  • Nice! This UFW union goon crook screws over farmworkers at the ALRB, gets caught, fired and winds up at the ACLU? Just whose liberties will she be protecting, or is this just the People’s Republic of Commiefornia retirement plan? Burn the system to the ground.