• Jacki Livingston

    The ACLU likes to paint themselves as the poor, underpaid champions of the people. They aren’t. When people seek their help, when whistleblowers go to them to seek protection, they will not even hear it, unless it gets them a lot of inches in a paper. Champion of the People, my A@@, certainly not real people.

  • Bob Stevens

    Since the ACLU is doing the “training” for this I’m sure they told their trainees that 99% of all the issues about discovery take place off the record and in chambers. I’m sure the ACLUeless also told the civilians that those discussions are not made part of the record and could not therefore be notated by all the jobless dorks who went to the “training” class. I’m sure you then told your students that just because it’s not on the record doesn’t mean anything is wrong or being hidden from the public. Hey ACLU, stick to what you do best; race baiting, trampling the rights of actual citizens, prostituting the constitution, and only defending the parts of the constitution you agree with.

    • Imjes Ayin

      As a defense attorney in OC, I was laughing at this thinking the same thing. Apparently the ACLU thinks we attorneys don’t know how to do our jobs. What exactly is the ACLU going to do about it if their watcher (with their untrained legal mind) doesn’t think discovery is being jturned over? Are they going to try to get in the attorney’s business? Talk to the DA? Show up at every hearing on the case and sit there giving stern looks and taking notes? What?

      I can tell you the DAs will just laugh at this and these unemployed 20 somethings will get bored with showing up to court every morning and will disappear in a couple months. Embarrassing.

  • Paul Lucas

    Keep an eye out for a Prosecutor Named Michael Pevney