• Bill Colver

    Isn’t that what reserves are for? It seems that whenever reserves are used there are claims of fiscal mismanagement or incompetence.

    If reserves are meant to never be used the monies should be returned to the taxpayer.

  • Jacki Livingston

    Ummmm…no. What politicians need to understand is what a budget is. When I make mine? I get a specific amount of money. I sit down and pay the bills. What is left, if any, is mine to do things with. This is the problem, with these guys. They want to cut services for the people paying the bills, but they don’t want to cut anything for themselves. In my opinion? If there is a need for cuts, you start with goodies for bigwigs, and wage raises, and car allowances. You don’t start by cutting the things that serve the people who pay the bills. If you go into politics, do you surrender your brain, heart and common sense when you take office? WTH?