• David K

    These are the same so called “city leaders” who approved McMansions being built right now on Laguna road directly across from Laguna Elementary School creating situations where homeowners can look directly into another homeowner’s bedroom/living room/dining room.

    These are the same so called “city leaders” who is now spending millions of taxpayer’s money to fix leaks at Laguna Lake after spending millions of dollars previously to “remodel” the same lake without actually fixing the leak. The difference between then and now is that now there is a plaque recognizing the names of city leaders. The lake is still leaking.


    • David Zenger

      “The lake is still leaking.”

      Does anybody know how much water has been wasted on this? I seem to recall that they were using MWD water for the purpose – the most expensive kind.

      Is this going to be a campaign issue? It should be.

  • David Zenger

    This project looks like a good candidate for a December approval. I wonder what sorts of candidates will look good for a November approval.