• angie blas

    “I’m now a very experienced elected official that knows how to bring people together and how to identify and implement goals”… in other words “my lobbying techniques will help me influence the uninformed voters”
    what happened to Ms. Amezcua? why isn’t she running again?

  • Philmore

    …”Santa Ana City Council members are asking voters to approve a ballot measure during the Nov. 8 general election that would raise their salaries by 700 percent, to the maximum allowed by state law “…..
    Coincidence ???

  • Eric Christen

    This looter is a tool of unions and other parasitic groups who run most of CA. His vote for a PLA on all construction work at RSCCD gives unions a monopoly there and costs taxpayers by way of higher costs for projects. He epitomizes everything wrong with CA politics. Now he’s a carpetbagger to boot.

  • mutheta

    Solorio wants to improve the public education system? If his track record is any indication, it’s not going to be Santa Ana Unified. Solorio was part of the Rancho cabal that sent your tax dollars to Saudi Arabia to improve their educational system.

  • Well, John, you and I finally agree on something. Solorio is the epitome of wannabe career hack politician. He has to carpetbag in order to have any chance of winning a seat as no one in the ward he actually lives in would be stupid enough to vote for him. He is counting on uninformed voters in a low turnout ward to be elected.

    Solorio is one of the most ineffective politicians to ever set foot in Sacramento. His best effort to date has been forming a pompadour second to none in the state.

  • InTheKnow

    so let me get this right. This career politician is going to live in an apartment away from his family to run for an office that pays $200 a month with another $1,200 month in benefits? Does he see this as a full time job like another pathetic politician with no real job, Michele Martinez? Or is there some other compensation that they receive off the books from being a SA council person from businesses and others wanting something from the city?

    • Paul Lucas

      lots of boards and committees in which they get paid as well such as the water district the octa etc

    • Yeah, it’s called graft…

  • L. Chapel

    So, it never was about the college district; that was just a holding position? It seems to me that this is about the power of the elected office. Going back home means going to the home in which your family resides and returning to your real day job.

    • He has no real job. He’s a lobbyist, remember?

      • David Zenger

        Lobbyists holding public office is a really bad business. It means that they can influence decisions and policy directions without even the sham of a recusal on a specific vote.

        The worst part is that lobbyists, when employees of another individual, are not even required to disclose their bosses financial interests (clients). We’re required to trust their integrity. As if political influence peddling were such an honest occupation in the first place.

        The State definitely needs a law to cover that.

  • Paul Lucas

    are there any other candidates for this seat?

  • John Claxton

    “I’m now a very experienced elected official that knows how to bring people together and how to identify and implement goals,” he said.

    No, your an unemployed carpetbagger who can’t get a real job after years of sucking off the public teet.

  • David Zenger

    The political career strategy of Solorio & Co.


  • David Zenger

    “…and I’ll always be a couple of miles away from the rest of my family, unlike when I was in Sacramento,” Solorio said Wednesday.

    “I’ll be living out of there” and campaigning out of there, he added, saying it’s “going to be my home base.”

    Solorio added that his first couple years in Santa Ana were spent living in Ward 3, “so I feel like I’m going back home.”

    What a load of road apples. A “home base” is not your residence, Jose. A couple miles from the rest of your family? Well maybe you can get conjugal visits once in a while at your “home base.” What a scam; but it is fun watching this retread desperately scramble down the political ladder.

    • RyanCantor


      • David Zenger

        Starting off a campaign as a fraud and a liar. Great. The Harry Sidhu of Santa Ana.