• Philmore

    Um, WHICH country has a $21 TRILLION DEFICIT, again ? Cut ’em BOTH off !

  • Jacki Livingston

    Israel was built on stolen lands. It was, like our own country, created by stealing land from those who lived there, first, in a lame attempt to somehow make up for the Holocaust. Israel needs to stop playing on the guilt of the world to prevent answering for their own arrogance and crimes. The Palestinians have every right to be angry. They are people robbed of their homes, their businesses, their identity. The Palestinian people deserve to be heard, just as much as Israel. Whoever came up with the idea of plopping a Jewish state in the middle of their Muslim enemies? Completely insane. Hundreds of thousands…millions…of American, Israeli and Muslim lives have been lost, and Israel only increases in their arrogance and delusional view that America owes them protection forever. The US needs to stop supporting Israel. If Israel cannot stand on its own two feet by now, then they deserve to fail. I am sick to death of Israel’s whining and self serving attitude. How many millions were slaughtered by Israeli and US bombings in Lebanon, and in other areas. Lebanon used to be a beautiful place, and now it is rubble. Men, women and children were slaughtered in their beds by rockets launched ten miles away by cowards. Enough. We cannot keep protecting this country at risk to our own. Guilt is poor foreign policy. The Holocaust was almost seventy years ago. It was horrible. But now, if there is to be a Jewish state, they need to learn how to play nice with their neighbors. And the students at UCI who are opposed to the jackbooted thug policies of Israel have a right to be heard, as well. The SJP is not eroding American support of Israel…Israel does a bang up job of doing that for themselves. Until Israel shows respect for those they have wronged, and for the people of Palestine, and stop their violence against their neighbors, average Americans like myself will keep losing any feeling of friendship with Israel. We owe Israel nothing, so they need to stop playing the victim card.

    • BklynBirny

      Your ignorance–of history, politics, pretty much everything–is staggering.

      • Jacki Livingston

        Of course. Anytime someone disagrees with Israel, they are ignorant. The fact is, Israel has been acting like bullies and thugs to the people of that region for decades, and they want special treatment. You can cry in your cocoa and point fingers and call names, but you cannot erase the truth, which is that Israel, for decades, has gotten away with behavior that we have invaded Muslim countries for. They have had racists extremist leaders, and have been responsible for the deaths of millions. My ignorance, as you call it, is merely not accepting the pablum spoon fed to US kids that the Jews are perfect and the Muslims are the bad guys. YOU have no real stance, other than trying to discredit people who disagree with you. Typical. Every time someone criticizes Israel’s bully behavior, you guys ruin them. Case in point? Vanessa Redgrave. The people of Palestine are as valid as Israel, and they deserve to be heard. Trying to silence them is just more of Israel’s “speshul snowflake” politics. Enough! Americans are sick and tired of cleaning up Israel’s messes. We need to stop sending our money.

  • David Zenger

    “These laws do not abridge freedom of speech…”

    Um, yeah actually they do. However, we’ll eventually find out from a court of law.

    I think you’re on to something about tossing away money to the Palestinians – it ought to stop. I modestly propose that we quit giving billions annually to Israel, too.

    I wonder where Trump got his idea for a wall.