• John Claxton

    It’s a shame that he has been so active in local politics to end in shame. I have no doubt his resignation was only submitted because he was caught.

  • Cynthia Ward

    I don’t know Sean Mill, and from all I have heard would not likely care much for the gentleman, so I have no dog in this fight. (what a terrible phrase. How about I have no horse in this race?) but there are two separate issues being discussed here and they are not necessarily interconnected. Did the PI discover where Mr. Mills lays his head at night? That he is not universally liked is obvious. That he is married to someone in a nearby County is not as cut and dried as it seems. Where does HE sleep during the week? Surely that was determined?

    I DO know several couples who own, and live in, separate homes in separate cities. They swap who makes the drive to the other’s home on weekends and have mid-week date nights when one comes to the others’ city. And by all descriptions they have very healthy, happy marriages/long term monogamous partnerships. In fact, they argue that NOT tripping over each others’ shoes in the middle of the night and the anticipation of seeing other, rather than the monotony of monogamy keeps things exciting. My own parents lived that way for about 2 years when Dad was starting a business in another State, and while it was NOT in the least bit fun for anyone, there is no arguing it happened and worked. (except for the divorce once they were reunited after learning to be independent, but that is not germane to the discussion of Mr. Mills.)

    I couldn’t do it. I would starve to death and the custody fight for the corgis would be brutal. Bigger than that, the certain knowledge that someone waits for me at home to high five my daily triumphs or offer an emotional Band Aid for the skinned knee where I tripped and fell over life and my own stupidity, that is what “the two shall become one” is. (You thought it was dirtier than that, we know.) But basing what OTHERS do to make a modern life work on what WE can or cannot tolerate is not a basis for whether someone is on the Planning Commission.

    If he was shown to spend more nights in Riverside than in Santa Ana, he has a problem. At what point does getting the mail, paying the bills, and spending SOME nights at an address not constitute “primary residence?” Is there a legal standard? Ruling out staying with Mommy during the week to avoid the brutal commute to Santa Ana for work, when couples routinely buy “city condos” to compliment their Inland Empire McMansions is part of the new normal. Again, I don’t know the guy, but I am still waiting for what the PI said about where he SLEEPS.

    BTW-Can i have the name of the PI, so we can check the occupancy of a certain West Anaheim candidate renting an apartment on Magnolia while retaining his very, very nice home in a guard-gated community in Murrietta? (with a VA mortgage I believe does not permit using it as a rental) Thanks.

    • Taylor Vasquez

      Very well said. Seems like the PI here only did the most brief reconnaissance, perhaps due to a thin budget. So, I cannot draw concludions other than some detrrmined folks despise Mr. Mill.

      • Mike Tardif

        What don’t you understand about HE RESIGNED??

        • Taylor Vasquez

          Thanks for making the point again. He resigned as he should and as he did. I don’t think we have a disagreement.

    • David Zenger

      “BTW-Can i have the name of the PI, so we can check the occupancy of a certain West Anaheim candidate renting an apartment on Magnolia while retaining his very, very nice home in a guard-gated community in Murrietta?”

      Oh, you must mean Steven Chavez Albert Henry Cabot Lodge.

    • Mike Tardif

      I think Mill answered most of your questions by resigning.

  • Taylor Vasquez

    If these allegations are true, then Mr. Mill did the right thing and resigned.

    Who paid this private investigator and why? Seems odd. Someone should to hire investigator to follow Jose Solorio around.

    • John Claxton

      Yes, I would like to see answers to these questions as well.

    • Mike Tardif

      The answer to your question is stated within the article.

  • Ron

    If true, shame on Mr. Mill. I’m more bothered by someone hiring a PI to investigate their enemy. Santa Ana politcs attracts some sick people – Cavasos, Gordon, Chimelwasi, pulido.

  • Timothy Dennis Rush

    There have long been rumors of whether Mr. Mill lived in town as it was an open secret that he had involvements in the Riverside area. Few people really believed that a man of his age was still residing at him Mother’s address, which is the address he has used for decades. I would echo Mike Tardif’s statements. Mr. Mill is far more well known for his negative and divisive efforts that that of being a community builder.

  • Mike Tardif

    A job well done by Santa Ana resident Thomas Gordon and Liberal OC blog publisher Dan Chmielewski – someone has to take the trash out. Sean Mill is a mean spirited, nasty poseur. He never was good for the people of Santa Ana – good riddance.

  • Diego Vega

    He’s doing what’s best for his family…only after he got caught commiting fraud. Love these guys!

  • Robert Jordan

    Is Sarmiento’s North Tustin home next on the surveillance list?

  • RyanCantor

    “It just doesn’t make sense to get married to someone who lives a few miles away and to live in Santa Ana that whole time after” getting married, Chmielewski said. “One of the advantages of being married is going home to the person you love every night.”

    Hope he has the same message for Solario.