• Philmore

    All true, except by the abysmal participation of OCers and Californians in general, (except for ‘doorstep issues’ as in ‘ a flaming bag of (something) suddenly appears on THEIR doorstep, because they pay little attention to the world beyond themselves), they view deck chairs as something to find for a nap, not exert effort to understand, much less re-arrange. “Wha- I pay TAXES for that ! Le Me ‘Lone ! ” Problems are self-inflicted by apathy, and complaining is ACRES easier than leaving the couch. Fools and Grifters’ PARADISE !

    • Jacki Livingston

      Right on target. The truth is, the citizens of this lazy, overindulged county are getting the corrupted, incompetent, sexscandal ridden, embezzling and downright evil government that they richly deserve. I used to work in the LTC section of SSA, and that is where you really get to see the unholy trinity that is county government meeting county citizens. Well to do citizens cram their poor parents into the most horrific, abusive and incompetent nursing homes I have ever seen, and they use the Public Guardian to steal every nickel that their parent has. If they lack real estate, they turn it over to the financial “trust” office of these nursing homes, who file false paperwork and bribe county officials (oh….HAI there, Janet and Toddy!) to ignore the thievery and they double and triple bill the state. Then, these hellholes abuse, starve and kill these unwanted patients, and because of all the stealing and bribes, there is no money left to bury the poor saps. These evil children are in bed with the greedy, unscrupulous public servants (no, I cannot say that with a straight face…who can?) and with the gutter level nursing home providers. It goes on and on, and it happens on the taxpayer’s dime, so I guess they feel entitled to warehouse their elderly in hovels I wouldn’t keep a rat in. The County of Orange is totally accepting of criminal elected officials, because they let the citizens and taxpayers get away with conduct that the Mafia would find reprehensible and vomit inducing. Ugh…

      • Carol

        Amen to that!

  • Jacki Livingston

    I defy either one of those men to list ten things that they did while in office that was beneficial to the whole of the county, not serving their own agendas. Go ahead, I’ll wait…



    Morelach and Nelson ignored reports to them by county employees and outside lawmakers, urging them to examine wrongdoing, and they both failed in their duty to the residents and taxpayers. They are both do-nothing, lying, backstabbing schmucks. We not only don’t need them back, but they should have been criminally charged for their part in scandals buried.

  • David Zenger

    Great editorial.

    I saw first hand the complete lack of governance and a total fixation on non-stop political campaigning. Until these people are really made accountable to the public the whole place will continue to run on auto pilot as the dead hand of inertia pushes along the creaking bureaucracy.

    I watched the way 2.5 term “expert” Bill Campbell ran the Public Works Department like his own little construction company – free work on private property, phony change orders that benefited campaign contributors , gutting the canyon Specific Plans to benfit his developer pals, etc. He propped up Tom Mauk for years and the two did a cute little symbiotic two-step. And the others resented him not for his scams, but because he could get away with it!

    8 years is more than enough time to actually succeed in “supervising” if they quit hiring political cronies, and put real professionals to work.

  • Paul Lucas

    Term limits are what polarized and made petty politics boiling every debate and policy position down to talking points on polar opposite ends.

  • kburgoyne

    I’ve always been split over term limits. Lately I’ve come to the conclusion the reason is because its a bandaid. I understand why people want term limits, but then it’s forcing voters to not be able to vote for the person they want. Isn’t that a bit weird and anti-democratic in itself?

    The “theory” is elected officials only get elected over and over and over again because the voters WANT to elect them over and over and over again.

    So let’s take what we can jokingly call the fictitious example of the ideal supervisor (or pick your elected office) who actually works hard on the things the voters want his/her to work on. A supervisor who actually gets things done. [I’ll wait while everyone stops laughing.] Do we REALLY want term limits to kick such a person out of office?

    So about term limits being a bandaid… It’s a bandaid stuck on top of whatever reason it is voters vote for the same person over and over and over again when they’ll turn around and impose term limits to stop themselves from voting for the same person over and over and over again.

    What is the REAL reason voters vote-in the same person over and over and over again if they don’t think that’s a good idea? Is there a proverbial gun being pointed at the heads of the voters forcing them to vote-in the same person? Perhaps the more honest approach would be to address the proverbial gun rather than cover up the proverbial gun using term limits.

    • UnitedWeStand

      The same people get voted in over and over again, not because they are doing a great job, its because Incumbents have the advantage of name recognition, fundraising, campaign bases, control over the instruments of government, successful campaign experience, a presumption
      of success, and voters’ inertia and risk-aversion. Term limits serve as the best buffer to keep those career minded – if mediocre – political types, from staying in the system. Which is why
      term limits are so very important. A politician working without term
      limits, is a politician working purely on reelection and amassing power.

      • kburgoyne

        So basically you’re saying term limits are needed because democracy does not work.

    • David Zenger

      The fact that you can joke about it shows that term limits are needed to weed out the dead heads at the expense of that (most likely mythical) “ideal” supervisor. Unfortunately that person will be replaced by another just like himself.

      True that absent a strong campaign against them, a candidate will get elected over and over again, mostly by the same people who vote overwhelmingly for term limits. Very paradoxical.