• Jacki Livingston

    Would anyone notice if Shawn was there four more years? I mean, besides the higher Starbucks budget? I suppose if the AC went out, he might melt or something, but wax and lard aren’t that hard to clean, really…

  • Paul Lucas

    And we have already seen this in action in Santa Ana that made Pulido a mayor for life basically.

  • Paul Lucas

    A third term does little to change the dynamics in my opinion. I would be hesitant to believe nelson after his flip flops o the pension issue itself.

  • David Zenger

    8 years is more than enough. Period.

    Moorlach deluded himself into thinking he was actually accomplishing something in Building 10 and needed 4 more years to complete his Good Works. Or maybe he just wanted to see the Alamitos Pump Station finally get done – after 10 years.