• OCservant_Leader

    The Civic Center Homeless…represent a gold mine in Medi-Cal billings. Talk about a cash cow! This is the BOS “family” business at work. Meals are provided…cash is provided…all you need to do is take a short ride…maybe have a test or two and let the family handle all the paperwork.

    The CEO and EAs monitor the “contracts for contributions” process carefully. We are talking Millions $$$$ going into the pockets of a few.

    This is entrenched corruption – IN YOUR FACE! They probably laugh about everyone walking around with poo on their shoes.

    • Jacki Livingston

      Well said.

  • Jim Maycomb

    Who is Madeline Spencer?

  • Jacki Livingston

    Good luck, sweets. I wrote six letters, five emails and made numerous phone calls to get these do-nothings to do something about abuse and assaults against patients in local nursing homes, and they did nothing. Your letter will fall on deaf ears, too. Sorry, but these clowns couldn’t begin to care less.