• John Claxton

    How about worrying about carpet baggers who move from place to place just to run for office, or who just completely lie where they live to get elected. Where were you when everyone was looking to Obama to release all his records? He spent millions getting them all sealed.

  • Barbara

    This article makes no sense. Young Kim is a public official and has worked for a public official for many years. All of her assets and her salary are already public information. No need to release anything…its already out in the public…
    Thinking the article is just a sorry attempt to connect Young Kim with Donald Trump…
    I don’t like dirty politics. If this is all the “dirt” you have on her than she has my vote. She serves our Fullerton community very well.

  • David Zenger


    How about addressing some real issues – like CEQA reform, POBR reform, sustainable growth projects, etc. that mean something to somebody?