• The developer’s press release complains that they have worked closely
    with CCC and spent millions, only to be given a de-facto denial.

    Of course the staff report is highly critical and protective of Banning Ranch. It is a very important last stand for coastal native habitat, as well as a potential nature preserve.

    And it cannot reach its full potential and provide the conditions for nature to do her best over time and us to experience such fundamentals of life if fragmented by development.

    This is the issue, not NBR’s negotiations, costs, slighted feelings, legal maneuverings or other games of which there have been too many to count. At this point in time, when development of all kinds has filled southern California, it is no small issue to ask agencies to truly protect such
    rare wild places.

    The staff of the Coastal Commission has acted correctly in standing strong against short term profits of a few over the immensely long term benefits of balance with the natural world.