• David Zenger

    Setting aside the “migrant” issue, government can’t charge more than the cost of delivering a service. In this case some dinky portion of staff time and a per copy charge that is reasonable. $20 is, of course, ridiculous.

    P.S. Tell your pals to do a PRA request you can get it for the cost of copying.

  • Manuel Delgadillo

    People forget that everything cost money. Why are people under the impression that the government, county or city should take care of these so-called expenses. Maybe people should make an effort to become a bit more informed and not expect everything for free.

  • Paul Lucas

    Yeah they have to make up for all the corporate welfare somehow eh?

  • Cortes

    Sorry, we can’t help you on that. We are in a deficit already as it is, please ask your government for assistance at the consulate. They can help you and it is free.