• octaxpayer

    It would be interesting to get all the cost that TAX $$$ had to pay to get to this point. Meaning all the County resources, lawyers cost and hours spent on collecting discovery items, etc.. It must be in the $200k+ range.

  • OCservant_Leader

    It should be noted this site is in an industrial area for oil drilling manufacturing. These sites were never intended for human occupancy. Ever. Except public servants.

    Isn’t this another building scam where OC Public Work’s Managers formed a company that bought up condemned/toxic sites then managed the sale/lease back to the County? They approved their own invoices and made Millions?

    Unsuspecting employees and taxpayers are victims of their greed but no one is arrested? Why?

    This site was used for county-wide mandatory sexual harassment training so all County employees need to be compensated!