• octaxpayer

    “approved as safe” So says the Government which I know I do not trust. We all should have a choice to leave a area and get more notice.

  • Susan MacKenzie

    The Zika virus doesn’t cause birth defects. It is the larvicides that are causing the birth defects. Do some research instead of parroting the mainstream media lies.

    • Rivett

      ^ Kook alert ^

      “Speculative reports connecting Monsanto and pyriproxifen as culprits had no basis in any accepted science or research and, at worst, served to exacerbate unfounded fears about larvicides during a mosquito-borne disease outbreak. To date, medical research hasn’t reached any firm conclusions about why a decades-old virus (Zika) potentially led to a sudden increase in microcephaly cases; however, the use of a similarly decades-old larvicide (pyriproxyfen) as the only cause was dismissed by experts across several related fields as improbable and without merit.”