• BeeBee.BeeLeaves


    And water cost going from $600 acre/foot to between $2200-2400 acre/foot also matters.

    Being colonized, and in bondage for 5 decades plus into the future by a foreign owned company really, really matters. Pay up suckers are not us. Bleh.

    May the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, Poseidon misadventure. The world is large. Go elsewhere. Fukushima?


    OC-Wise is a pro-Poseidon, pro-development group. It is in Poseidon’s interest to “prove” that sub-surface intakes (infiltration galleries or slant wells) are too costly, too environmentally damaging or are otherwise infeasible. Then Poseidon will argue to the Coastal Commission that they should be allowed to have a direct ocean intake, never mind the fact that the State Water Resources Control Board has already shown that intakes kill thousands of pounds of sea life per year and has ordered all coastal power plants to cease using ocean intakes for cooling water.

  • 4Oceans

    smells like toxic green wash

  • David Zenger

    OC Wise is just a phony AstroTurf front for Poseidon, right?

    Let’s set aside the marine life issue for a moment. The Poseidon desal scheme is tax-payer insured scam to produce the most expensive water imaginable so that Rancho Mission Viejo can keep building more houses, right?