• OCservant_Leader

    The OC BOS business model of insiders getting the kickbacks through their corrupted procurement process…then when the contract fails…$10 Million goes to well connected law firms on contract and NOT ONE EMPLOYEE is held accountable?

    Not ONE?? Until the insiders are held accountable – (just 1!!) no one can believe the PR of this corrupt family in power.

    Graft continues. Next will be the IT contract outsourced to France.

  • David Zenger

    So when ALL the ancillary costs are totaled (a fact conveniently ignored by Ms Pasco) the taxpayers just about break even – and lose seven years in the bargain. Now the cycle begins anew when the County does another one of their spectacularly successful lobbyist-driven procurements.

    And best of all nobody from the County has to accept responsibility for their contribution to this mess and their failure to terminate Tata for cause in 2009 when the independent IV & V reports showed a trail of disaster unfolding.