• LFOldTimer

    Btw, that’s a very suggestive photo illustration by Caitlin.

    Did the woman in the photo consent to it or is she a “victim” too? That photo was not procured, was it?

    Words today have taken on totally different meanings than a decade or 2 ago.

    “Hero” is another one that scratches the head down to the first knuckle at times.

    We can never been too careful in this paper-thin skin sensitive era of the 21st Century. No wonder so many are silent in the Land of Freedom.

  • David Zenger

    “…based on her own contact with women in the trade as well as having worked in the field in her youth.”

    “Trade?” “Field?” You mean like a craft or a profession? Your own language betrays some evident ambiguity.

    • LFOldTimer

      I’m surprised one of the trade schools hasn’t opened up a program for those interested in entering the “field”. My guess is that it would be quite popular. Not as popular as IT or medical technologies, but still popular enough to be profitable. And no one would be forced to enroll either. It would all be voluntary. But no p*mps allowed.

      It’s really none of my business what anyone decides to do with his or her own body. Morals are not transferrable from human to human. And mine are certainly not sacrosanct or immune from criticism. The inviolable rule is to protect the kids. But adults need the freedom to ruin their own lives. Otherwise we might at well be in chains.

  • LFOldTimer

    Thanks to Sgt. Reveles for dismantling a myth or two.

    Many of us had a false perception that these women who enter the s*x trade are kidnapped in foreign countries then dragged across the border to perform for someone else’s financial gain. Sgt. Reveles said, in fact, that “we have yet to find a foreign national”. So don’t pay attention to the propaganda you read in the news. It’s all for the drama and to push certain agendas. In 2016 question EVERYTHING you read. We are living in a completely different country than 50 years ago.

    The article didn’t mention it, but I wonder how many of these women actually have p*mps as opposed to being in business for themselves? My guess is that most of these transactions are arranged on the internet which has put lots of p*mps out of business. My guess is that only one out of every 5 or 6 of these ladies have p*mps. Perhaps someone with expertise could chime in here. Maybe even less. Why split your profits when you don’t have to?

    And don’t forget. There’s lots male pro*titutes as well. I bet that population is growing exponentially. But you don’t ever hear people call them “victims”, do you? Isn’t that strange?

    Think, people! Don’t let other people think for you. Don’t let anyone into your brain without your express permission.