• JS

    I have no solution for the homeless(neither do any of you).

    However I do know the more $ you spend and the more services you provide for them, the more homeless will come from surrounding areas to overwhelm said resources. LA and SF are perfect examples of that.

    SF is far left of the OC and are flooded with $ from the tech companies and property values. They have the political and social will to spend extravagantly(and do so) on the homeless. But as anyone who follows the news there crime and homeless is out of control in SF.

    Unfortunately, the best thing for the taxpayers of OC is to make life difficult for the homeless here so they’ll leave.

    • dc matthews

      Horrific! dump us? even homeless veterans and those disabled on the job and seniors? and how do you propose to make our lives MORE difficult?

  • Juan Trippe Aviation Pioneer a

    I am certain Mr. Swihart suffered from a mental health/substance use diagnosis. Not physic, I just understand this undeserved population. The police are trained to arrest, not engage the mentally ill on a daily basis. That is the job of a clinician. With the billions generated by the Mental Health Services Act, where are the clinicians? Let us begin to discuss long term hospitalizations to assist people in medication stabilization and substance use treatment. Perhaps we need a State Hospital System?

    • OCservant_Leader

      What happened to the MHSA money?? That is the Billion dollar question!

      • David Zenger

        MHSA is not to spend (except on the rare feel-good project that doesn’t do any good). It is to hoard while paying for the salaries and benfits of the OC Health Care Agency, Behavioral Services Department.

  • LFOldTimer

    Don’t the Santa Ana cops wear body cameras?

    If not, why not? That would clear up any questions of what happened.

    If there is a video release it to the public and let us be the judge.

    If we had a transparent government that’s the way it would work.

    But we don’t – so it they will hide it.

    • David Zenger

      No doubt he was reaching for his “waistband.”

      • LFOldTimer

        Beware of any man making a “furtive movement” off camera.

  • Mr. Wrestling III

    How is it against the law to ride a bike?

    • David Zenger

      10 will get you 5 the DA discovers the bike rider was reaching for his “waistband.”

      • OCservant_Leader

        Perhaps he was also preaching the “Good Word” and looked “intensely” at a potential weapon ?

        No wonder he had to be shot.

        • David Zenger

          Yes. Well, handcuffed at least.

  • Antonio Montana

    I’m curious to know what the solution is to this homeless crisis in Santa Ana. You complain about the police enforcing the laws of the state of California and City of Santa Ana. You say that the government created the mess by failing to provide storage areas, showers and restrooms; yet fail to hold those living in the civic center accountable. Where do you propose the government divert monies from to fund these proposed storage areas, showers and restrooms? Should they be taken from school and parks (children)? Should they be taken from public safety in a city that already went with the much slower services of OCFA to save a few bucks and is 100 cops short of where they should be? Perhaps as a member of the ACLU, you and your organization are willing to reach into your deep pockets and fund these proposed facilities you have dreamed up. Have you ever walked through the Santa Ana civic center during a busy court day? How about at night? I’m sure you will have a much different opinion if you had to do so as a juror in the morning or citizen trying to walk to work at night. And in no way am I saying everyone in the civic center is a criminal; but many of them are there because they choose not to work and would rather be in an area where drugs are readily accessible and there are no responsibilities as a productive citizen. Maybe you should ask your fellow journalist from UCI Irvine who attempted to interview homeless people in the civic center and was beaten and robbed by those same people he was trying to be a voice for. Have you ever been in a fight with a person who is trying to take a weapon they can kill you with? Do you think if you were that officer you wouldn’t want your partner to defend your life and shoot the person trying to take your gun? Do you really think any officer in America wants to be involved in a shooting in front of hundreds of people with cameras who have no idea what their job entails…in broad daylight? The ACLU makes millions of dollars every year sitting at desks and defending people or challenging agencies they have zero knowledge about. I don’t believe anyone deserves to die for being homeless; but if you choose to fight the police and try to take their gun, you absolutely deserve to be shot. You offer only judgement without any knowledge of facts. How about maybe offering a solution…a real solution.

    • OC curly gurl

      Bravo Mr. Montana! You are so right! The ACLU weighs in on something they know nothing about and make inflammatory, sweeping, and inaccurate generalizations such as there is an ‘… ongoing campaign to criminalize homelessness in Orange County’ and that Santa Ana has an ‘…aggressive law enforcement approach to homelessness’. NOTHING could be further from the truth! As a Civic Center worker and a witness to the events that occur there daily I challenge the ACLU to provide a fact – any fact – that supports your baseless accusations. Every day I see SAPD officers interact with mentally ill and drugged-up homeless people. They treat them with dignity and they are not aggressive toward them. In fact, the homeless call SAPD when they are victimized by other homeless people! Has the ACLU ever thought about that? Has it occurred to you that the dangerous situation isn’t that the police are there but that a lack of order exists because of the homeless people whose undisciplined lifestyles have been allowed to run rampant because of organizations like the ACLU? And as for the officers hassling Mr. Swihart for ‘riding his bicycle in the Civic Center plaza …’ that isn’t true. There are homeless people constantly riding bikes in and around the plaza and they usually aren’t stopped by the officers who are on the scene. I would venture to say that there may have been another reason that the attention was focused on Swihart that day. Perhaps one of the other homeless people had been victimized by him, or maybe he was wanted for previous crimes he had committed. I witnessed the events of that day and I can tell you that SAPD DID employ ‘de-escalation tactics’ before shots were fired. It was Swihart himself who escalated the situation. Maybe he learned that from the ACLU ‘activists’…..

      • David Zenger

        He was reaching for his “waistband.”