• Philmore

    …” next time you see one of our members removing your waste from your home and community, do us all a favor and give them a loud thank you. “…..

    Except I DON’T see them, since they are inside a climate controlled cab, high above my line of view, away from streetside, “straining” their fingers on levers and pushbuttons controlling the automated pincers that lift and empty standardized cans whose “lease” is a component of the customer bill, as well as the automated trucks themselves. I am closer to the alleged hazards filling the can than they ever are emptying it. Here in Anaheim FOUR MILLION DOLLARS of customer funded collection vehicles were given de minimis to the collection contractor in a past contract renewal. I fill a recycling barrel whose revenue I never see after the City and contractor split it. I applaud these workers for a job well and efficiently done, which is what I should EXPECT under an exclusive City franchise system ( which PROVIDES workers with an element of security !) that MANDATES payment through my utility bill allowing neither vendor selection nor opt-out. (Obama-trash ?)

    “… It is not robots or machines that do the work….”

    Well, it may soon be if union demands make them comparatively cost effective. The “hazards” and injury rates you bemoan could be grounds enough for this change now, without a further push by labor costs. Beyond Googles expensive novelty of self-driving cars, it may interest you to know that automated, robotized farm machinery NOW EXISTS IN USE to “save” farm laborers from exposure to hazards and unpleasant work environments. –
    (Note Bucket mover “Nursrey bot” #3 !)
    and more are on the way for tending/harvesting grape vines, strawberries, orange, citrus, and cucumber-
    Can trash removal and landfill control be far behind ??

    • David Zenger

      “I am closer to the alleged hazards filling the can than they ever are emptying it.”

      Now that’s funny!

  • David Zenger

    Now, garbage truck drivers are heroes?