• Ozgur Cengiz

    This article by Magnolia’s paid public relations is merely damage control. Lets set some facts straight: Magnolia is NOT a high performing charter school and their test scores prove this. SBAC or API are all non- educational bench marks, US News and World report is NOT an educational benchmark of excellence it’s merely a marketing tool that Magnolia Science Academies and the other Gulen operated schools use. Look up: Horizon Science Academy, Harmony Science Academy and Sonoran Science Academy they all make the same claims, only 1 % of the schools in the USA and California report to this news outlet they are not a gauge merely a reporting agency that take advertising dollars as well.
    The fact is this is more white washing by Magnolia to hide the facts, 2 weeks ago the then President of the Magnolia School board (Umit) Matt Yapanel fully admitted to being “inspired” by the Gulen Movement. Matt comes from their operations in Colorado – Lotus School of Excellence where he failed to get an expansion even after hiring a flake attorney to sue St. Vrain’s School district at the Colorado State of Education. Then he is moved to California to work his magic with the other Gulen Schools and turn around the Magnolia Science Academies and Caprice Young the current CEO /Superintendent founder CEO of CCSA (who is rumored to be the highest paid Superintendent in Los Angeles even over Michelle King at LAUSD) Next comes legal warfare, threats and marketing by the CCSA/Magnolia machine and the failure to grow with having 8 new school applications denied by 5 school districts and 2 schools shuttered (orangevale and santa clara) Magnolia is pathetically using hispanics and other ethnic groups vs. Republic of Turkey and Erdogan even a shameless letter to the Consular of Turkey from Padres de Magnolia and students (slow clap here)
    Noël Russell-Unterburger, was appointed board president days after the LA Times article where Umit (Matt) Yapanel past board president admits they are “Gulen inspried” i guess CCSA/Caprice believe that a female black women is a great shield to have just as she has used Hispanics and other ethnic groups. The facts are Magnolia Science Academy dba Magnolia Public Schools (MERF) fdba Dialogue Foundation will not be allowed to grow, the people don’t want these sorry schools in their neighborhoods and the illegal wrangling of letters by Congressman Sherman, or threatening letters from Ms. Young’s counsel to boards and people who are highly respected in education (unlike her lack of educational experience) will fail in California. The people are speaking, not Turkey, not Attorney Amsterdam but the PEOPLE and we will win. The timeliness of this veiled PR from Larson Communications is days before their 9.20 hearing at LAUSD and is nothing but a paid mouthpiece (more money away from our classrooms) You can take down this comment if you choose but the truth is the truth and Magnolia Science Academy will soon be shuttered and Ms. Young will have to look for another opportunity to grow the educational reform and her agenda of privatizing education.- The terrorist organization Gulen Movement isn’t the correct vehicle for the charter school movement if anything they are destroying CCSA/Young’s vision of ed reform where all public school districts like LAUSD are dismantled and destroyed. I guess MS. Young has something in common with the Gulenists she is trying to perform educatonal jihad at any cost and this as well as her other stints will backfire. #StopCharteSchoolFraud