• John Claxton

    Do is relatively new compared to Pulido’s 20+ years as mayor and another 5 as a council member. Senior Pulido has done nothing but line his own pockets with tax payers money. supervisor Nelson also had two years as chairman and he did zip, nada, nothing but complain. Spitzer at least probably made a few citizen arrests because they looked at him funny or something. Everyone gets a big fat “F”. Open up the bus terminal, get some storage set up, add some portable showers, bathrooms, get social workers and eligibility technicians set up down there. Give some hotel vouchers for those that participate in programming and job searches. Get something rolling!

  • LFOldTimer

    Blaming all this on Do and Pulido is very myopic. Oh, and I’m not a fan of either, btw.

    You have an army of city and county leaders and managers making beau-coup bucks on the backs of the homeless population who accomplish next to nothing. They blow hot air. That’s their specialty.

    Like any crisis (name it: war on drugs, war on homeless, war on poverty, war on terrorism, etc…) it almost always results in the creation of make-shift highly paid government jobs that are as worthless as the paper their job descriptions are written on.

    Where the heck is that homeless czar that the county hired? Overwhelmed. Just a bigger spoke in the wheel looking for a meal ticket.

    This is a systemic problem. Top to bottom. And there is no solution. It’s self-perpetuating. The bureaucracy grows and grows and grows and grows. Even at a faster rate than the homeless population itself. ha.

    The purpose of any bureaucrat is to create a bigger kingdom.

    At least understand the bigger problem even though you can’t do anything about it.