• David Zenger

    “There are many similar battles to come right here in Orange County. For the last 15-years, anti-worker politicians have attacked the wages and retirement security of public health nurses, law enforcement officers, food inspectors and other public workers who help keep our residents safe and healthy.”

    That’s odd. I see a county employment landscape where tens of thousands of government employees were (and are) making great salaries, wonderful benefits, and best of all able to retire at 50 or 55 with, in many cases, almost 100% of their salaries as a pension.

    NO ONE in the private sector who pays for all this largess gets anything like this cornucopia. Those counting on a Social Security payment must wait until their late 60s to get a full (and capped) benefit – and that age is bound to go up.

    Meantime cities like Stanton and Westminster are on the brink of financial disaster. Why? Because over the past 15 years compliant city councils, elected with the help of the public safety unions, turned around and gave them ever more extravagant pay and benefits.