• OCservant_Leader

    Interesting. I was wondering when this OC land deal in San Bernardino County would hit the news.
    This is one of the BIG secrets. The Public Works “Band of Brothers” have been working the deal and now with their Brother Frank Kim at the helm they can make significant progress before his time is up.
    Can’t wait for the BOS explanation of how this benefits OC taxpayers.

    • David Zenger

      I think the idea is that OC Floods gets lots and lots of revenue. Of course OC Floods is already awash (heh) with revenue since the agency gets an ad valorem tax income.

      However, here is the real problem I see: Orange County cannot possibly be an impartial “lead agency” reviewing the CEQA review or the entitlements for this massive project. The lead agency should be the San Bernardino County or whatever city this will be incorporated into.

      County Counsel will tell you that a government can’t have a conflict of interest, which is patent nonsense.

  • David Zenger

    Wendy, thanks for the background.

    One thing, however:

    “Orange County is exporting their most rapacious of developers and investors of yesteryear to San Bernardino County…”

    My recollection is that the developer was none other than the Lewis house tract-building conglomerate – the family that has basically built the Inland Empire housing market.